Student of the Month: Paxton White

Paxton White / Contributed Photo

Congratulations Paxton White for being recognized as Student of the Month!

Paxton White (AKA Pac-Man) is a well recognized student on campus with his large smile and U-DUB apparel. Born in Oregon, White moved to St. Helens where he resided for nine years, befriending wild huskies in the Washington wilderness. After a brief period in Puyallup, White moved to Orcas Island, where he has stayed since the seventh grade.


Ever since arriving at OISD, White has become a central figure in the Class of 2023. Leading the Viking’s soccer team as starting goalie, he brought the team to State and won in the 2022-2023 academic year. White also ran for and got elected to the Orcas Island High School ASB for his Junior year.


“Paxton? That’s the guy who always takes my cereal at lunch,” Justin Krisch-Derr remarked, a close friend of his. White is known for his shenanigans across the campus, from testing the limits of the school dress code to getting double lunches. Known by many, White is not your typical OIHS student.


“What drives me? Well my jeep of course! Other than that, I want to live comfortably and have a job I’m passionate about,” White said in his column interview. In addition to graduating high school, White is aiming to get accepted to the Computer Science program at the University of Washington or The Digipen Institute of Technology. A large contribution to his computer science skillset is AP Computer Science, which is taught by teacher Chris Waage. <place quote from Waage here> 


For all his academic achievments and outgoing social skills, White has shown himself to be team player in group actiivities. His outgoingness and people skills have gained him a nomination for Student of the Month by the Viking Voice. Thank you Paxon, for displaying the qualities of an Orcas Viking!


Pac’s Fax:


Favorite nostalgic game is Super Mario Bros.


Favorite class is coding.


Prides himself on living alone.


Has two dogs named Oreo and Comet.


Two Truths and a Lie

Which one is the lie?


Paxton is great at golf

Paxton wakes up at five in the morning

Paxton likes pineapple pizza