Springing Into the New Crew Season

rowing crew article

Image Credit: Martin Taylor

It sure is an exciting time to be a rower!

Spring season for the Orcas Island Crew Team has just begun and that means those early and wet mornings are a reality once again. The team is excited to be hitting the water once again, though a little less excited about the cold weather. Right now rowers are in the awkward stage of getting back into the swing of things, but with time the water athletes will get more comfortable, and the air will get a bit warmer.

rowing crew article 2

Rowers Anneke Fleming and Joie Zier – Image Credit: Martin Taylor

Some changes are in store for the small but strong crew team this season. This year will mark the first in a long time the team won’t be making the trip up to Canada for the Brentwood Regatta. The legendary regatta will be missed, but another one will be taking its place. The team will be taking the long trip down to Dexter Lake Oregon for the Covered Bridge Regatta. Although the team will be new to this regatta, they are sure they will row their best.

You can look forward to seeing the crew shells speeding around Cascade Lake during those early Spring mornings, and the rowers can look forward to seeing you!