The Field, Court, and Everything in Between: Pasha Bullock

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Image Credit: Amy Masters

When Pasha Bullock found out he was athlete of the month, he was beside himself. He was so shocked and honored, that he was almost at a loss for words. “Why not someone else?” He asked, “Why me?” The answer is simple. When you look at his athletic achievements, academic skill, and great attitude, it seems obvious.

Pasha has been an all-star athlete since freshman year. Before high school he dabbled around with soccer, baseball, and basketball. But when ninth grade hit, his school athletic career really took off. Each year for Pasha starts with football in the fall. Football was a sport his friends convinced him to play after eighth grade. Not a day goes by where Pasha is not thankful for that.

“I love having a team that always has your back, a group of people you can always turn to.” That is exactly what Pasha found in football, not just a group of players, but a group of brothers.

This year was a very tough year for the Vikings football team. The team was relatively young as many of the strong and experienced players had graduated. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be challenging. This Viking men found the road to victory, to be a long, rough journey. However, their hard work paid off in a home game against Darrington, where they walked away with their first victory of the season. Pasha considers this to be his proudest moment in his high school sports career so far.

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Image Credit: Melanie Flint

Then, when the days get shorter and the air gets colder, Pasha laces up his court shoes and grabs a basketball. Basketball is a sport he has been playing his whole life. Whether it be with coaches and a crowd of cheering fans, or with a group of friends on a sunny Saturday in Buck Park. This sport has always been a huge part of Pasha’s life.

“I love the energy of the game,” he said, “the social aspect as well.”

The Viking Basketball season just came to an end. It was a great season for the young men as well. With new coach Corey Wiscomb, the team excelled and made it into playoffs. Pasha found himself yet another great, positive, and proactive season. But with Basketball winding down, there is only one thing left to do.

This time of year Pasha throws on a fresh pair of cleats, breaks in a new mitt, and hits the diamond in the great game of baseball. Baseball is another sport Pasha has been playing since a young age. He plays catcher, and loves every second of it. He likes baseball so much because it gives him the opportunity to earn a respected team, something Pasha has always aspired to have. In the past Vikings Baseball has made it to playoffs, and with this new season, Pasha is hoping for the same.

But there’s so much more to Pasha than just the sports he plays. He is very skillful in his academics. He believes this is very important and relates to your performance on the field in a massive way. Pasha is taking a wide range of advanced placement classes and is outstanding in math and science classes.

Pasha is also known around the school for the healthy lifestyle he takes to living. You will never catch him with a french fry or a chicken tender, rather you can spot him with a bowl of fruit or a plate of oranges. This is one of the many ways that Pasha would love to be remembered, and trust me, he will. When any student leaves a high school, they leave it with a legacy. This legacy could be big, or it could be small. In Pasha Bullock’s case, it’s massive. For many years to come people will remember him for his many sports achievements, and his great attitude. You can always expect to see with walking through the halls, happy to see the people around him.

That is exactly why Pasha Bullock is this month’s featured athlete. Not just for his participation in sports, but for everything in between.