Snow Days Hold Students Captive Until June

A student builds a snowman

A student makes good use of a snow day / Contributed Photo

Wow! It is that time of year again. The season of cold weather, spending time indoors, and seeing that one cousin who always hogs the PS4. But more importantly, it is the season where snowfall goes from being an occasional dusting of powder to mountains of frost collapsing ill-fated roofs.

As many of you likely recall, last year’s schedule fiasco was thanks to a week of snow days. This year the weather is promised to be even more ridiculous than last year’s, with a forecasted five feet of total snowfall over spring break and temperatures low enough to sustain that depth for quite a while. Do not worry, it should get back up above freezing in mid to late July. Until then, get used to shoveling your way to your firewood every morning.

Luckily, we will not have to add time to any scheduled school days; instead, there will just be more days. In other words, to make up for lost time before the next school year, we are going to attend summer school. That seems like a much better solution than adding 20 minutes every day as they did for last year’s snow days, especially since we will miss so much time. It is not like anyone has summer plans or anything.

That being said, there is more great news. When the forecast holds true, we will all be out of school until July. I bet you are wondering what you will do with all this newfound time on your hands. Well, I have a few suggestions. You could always go for the typical snow activities like sledding or snowball, or some more fun activities like “go shovel the driveway” and “hey, where did my left mitten go?” The opportunities are boundless, so go and make your half year off worth the months of summer school to catch up from it.

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