Quinn Kissel: Capturing Light and Shadow

Kissel checks settings during Cuba travels / Photographer: Meg Waage

Like it or not, photography is art. Nature may be the original artist, but the photographer captures its beauty. Photographers share the majesty of nature and modern society with the rest of us using light, shadows and framing. Orcas Island High School is home to many versions of artistic talent from painters and illustrators to sculptors and photographers. The school, along with many generous community organizations such as OIEF, strive to promote art studies for students.

Quinn Kissel as both a junior and a star photographer, is a great example of these efforts. Armed only with a camera, albeit one with a huge lens, Kissel goes out to capture the world around him. He is driven to capture great moments, whatever they may be. He enjoys sharing his photography of both Orcas and the world with people. Kissel’s overflowing SD card contains not only pictures taken on Orcas, but also photographs taken while he was in Cuba. As a member of the Spanish Club, Kissel had the opportunity to travel to Cuba to experience the culture, and to improve his language skills. Ever the opportunist, Quinn did not let this opportunity slip past him. He captured amazing pictures of the Cuban country side, architecture and people. His wonderful photography has not gone unnoticed. Kissel has been the official photographer for two school dances, including the recent prom. Thanks to Kissel, OHS students have pictures to make those amazing high school moments last forever. Recognizing his talent, The Viking Voice has made Kissel our artist of the month.