Dominick Wareham: Tearing It Up on The Field, Court and Waves


Dominick Wareham /

Dominick Wareham / Photographer: Paris Wilson

There are many athletes among us, but few are exceptional. Playing three sports and participating on two varsity teams as a sophomore is quite a feat. The passion for soccer, basketball and sailing that Dominick Wareham has shown is impressive, and the time he has dedicated to them all is incredible. Wareham is quiet, but on the field, court, or water, his competitive spirit comes out.

Wareham has been playing soccer since he was in kindergarten. Coached by Terry Turner and his father, Ian Wareham, it has always been a big part of his life. This year, he made it onto the varsity team and started every game. He plays center back and communicates frequently with his teammates, acting as a leader on and off the field by motivating everyone. “My favorite part about soccer is how much of it is a team sport,” Wareham said. “You need everyone to do well for the whole team.” He hopes to continue playing in college.
Wareham has been tearing it up on the basketball court since eighth grade. He even played a few games on the varsity team this year, showing off his skills as an underclassman. “It felt very exhilarating to play for the varsity game,” said Wareham. “It felt like I was a part of the varsity team, and it was a lot of fun.” Wareham hopes to continue with the sport throughout high school, but is unsure about his plans after high school.

Sailing has been a part of his life since he was five or six years old, going out on his dad’s Soling sailboat “Ghost Rider” and participating in Friday night racing. He began summer sailing classes when he was seven, and has taken an interest in individual racing since he was 10. The sailing team went to their first summer youth regatta at Vancouver Lake in 2011, racing O’pen Bics. Wareham joined the high school team in seventh grade, racing FJs in the Spring season, and occasionally Lasers in the summer. “My favorite part about the sport is being able to be on the water and to be so close to everyone on the team,” said Wareham.

One of Wareham’s goals from a young age was to make it to nationals. This year, that dream was achieved. Working hard in every regatta against the district, Orcas quickly climbed to the top. The real deal came at Districts, or Regionals. At Sail Sand Point, team racing proved to be difficult, with tough competition. A nail biter turned into an intense competition, and the determination of the victor came down to the last race. The team in that race was Axel Greening with crew Millie Kau, Michael Chesher with skipper-as-crew Maggie Toombs, and Wareham with crew Matia Schwartz. Crossing the finish line in first and second place, winning the ticket to nationals, Orcas did it. “I was speechless,” said Wareham. “We had always talked about going to nationals and to actually be able to was amazing.” The team traveled to Norfolk, Virginia two weeks later and raced on the national stage, earning tenth in the nation for team racing.

Sports have been a huge part of Wareham’s life for a long time. He is driven by his competitive spirit, his love of the game, and his determination and dedication to his teams. “Sports have pushed me to do my best and have helped me to try to achieve my goal throughout the season with the sport,” Wareham commented. He continues to display good sportsmanship and teamwork in all of his activities, and his teams all appreciate his enthusiasm, competition and energy in each game. He sets a great example of what it is to be a dedicated athlete and strives to do his best. As a sophomore, the school looks forward to see what new improvements, raw talent, and constantly refined skills Wareham can bring to Viking athletics for two more years.