Presidential Election: Unprecedented Update

Thompson hugs a tree

Thompson demonstrates her support for the environment / Photographer: Grace Hargrave

Breaking news: Anwyn Thompson has dropped out of the race for the 2020 presidential election.

“I have decided that the best thing for me to do right now is focus on the environmental issues that are affecting my county at this time,” said Thompson during a press conference interview where she declared her withdrawal.

As we have seen with Thompson’s engagement and involvement in her school’s environmental club, she is very invested in the protection of her island’s environment, as well as the surrounding ones.

Many of you probably remember the flooding that Orcas experienced a few months ago from a tremendous amount of rain. Although the water levels did not rise as high as expected, they did create much damage around the island. Cascade Lake rose above its banks, sinkholes sunk around the island, and roads were covered in water, with some places so deep you could not see the bottom.

Thompson has decided that she is going to take it upon herself to make the changes necessary to help stop the damages that climate change is causing. Another issue that Thompson is going to put most of her energy towards is the planned development of a zipline from the top of Mount Constitution to the top of Turtleback Mountain.

The county has been planning the zipline construction in order to boost tourism, but Thompson is looking to put a stop to it. Her intention is not to stop the increase in tourism, but to help save the turtle that lies dormant on Turtleback, the Terrapene orcus, that was only discovered 15 short years ago.

“I find the county’s plans to be completely unacceptable,” Thompson proclaimed. “There is absolutely no reason to create havoc in this species’ home.”

Thompson is looking forward to her new journey as she works to protect the environment that she grew up in. Make sure to keep a lookout for her as she continues on and creates the changes that are needed.

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