Pet Pandemonium: top three featured pets

Welcome back to another edition of Pet Pandemonium! This year, Viking Voice will be selecting three furry, scaly, feathery, or smooth friends to feature in each issue. To enter your pet into the roster, all you have to do is send in a slick photo and a few silly facts! With that being said, please welcome our three featured pets for this month’s edition:

Top Three Features


Murphy is an english mastiff who clearly cares about first impressions and, well, she really delivered! We couldn’t not feature Murphy and her super dapper red bowtie. Not only does Murphy care about picture day, but she also loves chewing on bones and playing with her toy ball outside. She also has a fond admiration for peanut butter. Thanks for sending in your best photo, and hopefully Murphy will be an example for future contenders!




Bingo is a petite boston terrier who has a fond love for her neon green ball, as shown by her registration photo. Boston terriers are known for their affectionate personality and random bursts of energy, which also explains why Bingo enjoys nibbling on her owner’s feet. We appreciate your entry and hope you keep enjoying nibbling on little toes.




Guiseppe “Peppe”

Last but certainly not least is this adorable goldendoodle Guiseppe! Guiseppe is a six month old, chubby, very silly boy who can roll down the windows in the car (and loves doing so). According to his registration, Peppe is a menace to society who takes pleasure in tormenting her owner by escaping the house whenever she’s busy. Despite his clearly evil intentions, we still adore Peppe. Thanks for your participation!



That concludes our second three featured pets. Make sure to tune in for our next issue where new selections will get the spotlight!

If you would like an opportunity to get your pets some recognition, fill out the form here to submit your pets: Pet Feature Registration