Favorite festive foods of the holidays

Christmas is a beloved time for many people. For most Christmas is a time when families come together to enjoy the end of a year with a festive spirit. Every family has different traditions revolving around Christmas, but there is one tradition that is shared among almost everyone, and that is food. Any celebration can be made better with delicious food and drinks.

One of the most celebrated drinks of choice around Christmastime is eggnog. Eggnog is made up of milk, cream, spices such as nutmeg or vanilla, and of course eggs. Typically people (of legal drinking age, of course) will fortify their eggnog with rum or some other alcohol. While no one knows who invented the famous drink, historians believe that it originated in Britain around the 14th century. However, the name “eggnog” did not appear until 1775. Nevertheless, this beverage brings joy to many with its sweet, creamy, and slightly spiced flavor.

Candy and sweet potatoes do not sound very good together. In truth, they probably are not, but if one changes candy to marshmallows, then they will discover a truly delicious side dish that many people have come to enjoy. Sweet potatoes are roasted then combined with many ingredients including: brown sugar, cinnamon, eggs, and butter. Then it is topped with delicious marshmallows. Originally, candied sweet potatoes or sweet potato casserole was called potato pudding and was topped with pecans. Some people still enjoy it this way; however, the heavenly goodness of marshmallows should not be denied from this sweet meal.

Cooking cranberry sauce is simple yet fun. All one needs to do is take fresh or frozen cranberries and add things like sugar and lemon zest, then cook them until the cranberries explode. Leaving you with a deliciously sweet and tangy sauce that can go with almost any other dish served at the table. A man by the name of Marcus Urann is responsible for inventing this delicious jellylike sauce, and for that, many families are thankful.

Surprisingly turkey is the most commonly served main course for Thanksgiving and Christmas; however, many families decide to serve ham instead. A traditional Christmas ham will be glazed with honey and caramelized, which gives it a unique flavor that can change depending on any extra ingredients that are added to the glaze. Everyone who enjoys meat should consider having a glazed ham for Christmas. Just the thought of it is drool-worthy.

Cookies are eaten all year round, but when Christmas comes around, cookies are never in short supply. Whether you are leaving them out for Santa or enjoying a sugary bite, Christmas-themed cookies are a perfect way to experience the festive spirit. Almost any kind of cookie can be adapted to a Christmas theme. All one must do is bake.