Molly’s Mediocre Metrical Musings

A kitten / Photographer: Laurie Mayhew

Be ready to be disapointed

If you are reading this poem, be ready to be disappointed.
The speling is bad.
The grammar are wrong.
The tense was incorrect.
And the rhymes are almost crimes.

If you are reading this poem, be ready to be frustrated.
ThE CapitALizatioN is sPorADic.
The (punctuation) is! Irregular?
Thε font is inconsistεnt.
And the colors are off.

If you are reading this poem, be ready to be confused.
The usage of is plethoric.
The similes are like cows in summer when they see a purple moon.
The metaphors are an octopus smile made of ultraviolet light.
And there are many cliffha– 

Evil twins

I didn’t break your favorite mug,
It wasn’t me, I swear.
You should ask my twin about it.
I wasn’t even there.

You told my twin to mop the floor,
I didn’t know I needed to.
I would never put my chores off,
Or purposely ignore you.

I promise I really did my homework,
For real, I’m not trying to stall!
My twin must have stolen and hid it,
For I just can’t find it at all.

It’s not my hair caught in the drain,
I’m careful to clean it up.
My twin must have left hers there,
Causing this nasty backup.

Don’t make me clean my room,
I didn’t create this mess.
That dirty laundry isn’t mine,
I’ve never worn that dress.

Don’t assume my guilt,
Or blame me right away,
For though I try to dissuade her,
My twin is here to stay.

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