Kidz Bop, please stop: student playlist

Kidz Bop was created in October of 2000, marketed with the slogan “Music by kids, for kids!” Anybody who was a child with television access from 2000 on has seen the commercials, which now go all the way up to Kidz Bop 28. But Kidz Bop isn’t famous for releasing 28 albums, it’s famous for its hilarious, usually terrifying censored renditions of top hits. To celebrate this train wreck of a musical institution—not to mention the recent release of Kidz Bop 28—here are 13 of the most amazing Kidz Bop songs out there.

13. All About That Bass

12. Wrecking Ball

11. Toxic

10. Thrift Shop

9. Club Can’t Handle Me

8. Tik Tok

7. Call Me Maybe

6. Uptown Funk

5. Shake It Off

4. Gangnam Style

3. Everybody Talks

2. Fancy

1. Rude