Hey pitcha pitcha: an athlete profile on Emily Nichols


Lady Vikings Pitcher Emily Nichols after a game / Image Credit: Maggie Paige

Emily Nichols, a junior at Orcas Island High School, plays softball truly for the love of the game. In the off-season, she waits patiently and enjoys spending her time playing volleyball and going on adventures with friends. But when softball season comes, she is set on fire with excitement and passion for the game that she has loved for so long.

Nichols has played softball since elementary school, and has since evolved into a talented varsity pitcher. She channels her love for the sport into performance and friendships on and off the field. Bringing kindness, perseverance and sacrifice to the mighty Lady Vikings, her teammates appreciate her hard work immensely. Even in the few days that practice is not scheduled, she willingly utilizes her free time to improve her game and technique. Softball isn’t just a sport for her. She doesn’t feel obligated or pressured to play it. Her determination and ambition come from within, and in this way she is able to motivate herself to become the best she can be.

Nichols accredits much of her athletic journey to her father and coach, Jason Nichols. She says, “I like having my dad as my coach because, even though he’s my dad, he treats me like any other member of the team, so I know that I am where I am because I’ve worked hard.” Being able to be a competitive team member takes time and persistence, and she is more than capable of doing everything she needs so that she knows that her role in the game is because of her own merit. She appreciates the support and assistance that her father offers to her through softball, and loves working with him.

Known for her kind spirit, fun personality, and determination, Emily Nichols truly fulfills the Viking motto: “Strong, honorable and courageous.” Keep doing what you’re doing, Emily. You are more inspirational than you know.