Just row with it: OIRA’s spring season recap


On the ferry / Image Credit: Martin Taylor

The Orcas Island Rowing Team had another great season this year. Rowers were challenged with new obstacles and tests. The season started off taxing with rigorous on-land weight training practices. It is always difficult for rowers to get back into the swing of waking up at 5:30 a.m. to do harsh workouts. By the time on-land practices were coming to an end, rowers were fully adjusted and ready to hit the water. There were also several fresh faces that had joined and were ready for the challenges ahead.

Orcas Island Rowing Association was also happy to have their first-ever Doe Bay Pizza Nights throughout January. Doe Bay Cafe donated a small proceed for every pizza sold at their Thursday open mic nights. The team was very grateful for these donations. Once the season was well underway, Orcas Island Rowing hosted their annual “Dual Duel” regatta at home on Cascade Lake. Rowing teams from Lake Stevens and Duwamish made their way up to the island to participate. April was home to several regattas as well for the small team. Early in the month they attended the Lake Stevens “Spring Sprints” regatta and then later the “Covered Bridge” regatta in Dexter Lake Ore.

The team had their annual 24-Hour Row Fundraiser in front of Island Market. For 24 hours straight rowers would keep a rowing machine going, taking several half-hour shifts each. It was a great fundraiser that came along with plenty of good exercise as well. The season then ended strong with a visit to Vancouver Lake for the big Regionals regatta. Many rowers made it to finals races, and some walked away with bronze and silver medals. Once again, the small team proved their place against much larger teams. They may be small, but they are strong.

If you are interesting in joining the Orcas Island Rowing Team, don’t be afraid! It is a sport for people who like to push themselves mentally and physically. We are always welcoming of anyone who wants to learn about this incredible sport. Team captains are Jay Zier and Charlie Holmes—feel free to talk to them.