Just a Short List of all the Things that Need to be Fixed at OHS


Home improvements with Landon Carter

Our high school has made a lot of improvements in the past few months, like installing a water bottle filler, but nothing is ever perfect, so here are The Viking Voice’s top four suggestions for a better school.

Number 4: The new water bottle filler is greatly appreciated; people now have a place to easily fill their water bottles. However, it really only solves half of the issue. No one has asked the important question: what do you do when you need to empty a water bottle? At the moment, when people have excess water, they are dumping it on the ground, which is slowly killing this island’s gorgeous native flora. How do we save the environment? What we need is to install a dedicated water bottle emptier, similar to an ancient Roman aqueduct, that stretches from one end of the school to the other to let people empty out their water whenever they want. 

Number 3: We need to remove all the walls from every classroom. The ludicrous amount of walls that exist in the school creates what I would describe as nothing less than a safety nightmare. If you are inside a room and there is a fire, you are blocked off at every side except for one small opening, and thus you are pretty much screwed. In an ideal, wall-less school, there would be a full 360 degrees of motion to utilize; it would be literally impossible for someone not to escape from a fire.

Number 2: WE ARE REACHING A CRISIS IN THE HIGH SCHOOL COMMUNITY. Freshmen coming in to our school don’t feel safe, they don’t feel understood, and they don’t feel like they would be accepted if they sat at the round table. For those who are unaware, the round table is the premier dining location in the high school, but underclassmen are simply not welcomed at the table. How do we remedy this injustice and persecution? The problem, I believe, lies in the table itself: its “round” shape is too confrontational. If you’re an underclassman and you decide to sit at the table, you’re going to be met with stares from a group of people who have each at least two feet on you. It is not a sight anyone would want to see, so we need to make it into a square table if we want to fix the issues that plagues our community.

Number 1: Open up the downstairs boys’ bathroom. If you do not want us to use it anymore for whatever reason, that is fine, but I just want to see it again, to walk down its halls, for old time’s sake.