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Aries – don’t go too crazy for hot girl summer this year

Taurus – smiling’s fun. you should try it some time.

Gemini – we hate to break it to you, but the

gym and therapy are not the same thing

Cancer – may your karma always circle back 🙂

Leo – you are living proof that you can be intelligent without really knowing anything. congrats on honor roll though!

Virgo – stop saying you “girlbossed” and start being honest in therapy.

Libra – you’re just the gosh dang best

Scorpio – you only have one more week of procrastinating assignments and then it’s summer!

Sagittarius – you are not in your ‘maddie perez era,’ you just bought new clothes

Capricorn – we know what you said, be careful.

Aquarius – you can’t keep hiding from reality just because the “vibes are off…”

Pisces – congratulations on yet again falling for the vague idea of a person who is nothing like them in reality