Hallway Talk – Summer Plans

Luke Knapp – I’m planning on working at Rental and Saw, and then hanging out with friends and also traveling to visit some friends. Might restore a tractor too if I have time!

Lili Malo – I’m going to several basketball training camps, and training to be the next setter for volleyball. I plan to work, but I’m undecided where right now. I also might go to Hawaii but I don’t know for sure.

Meg Waldron – Well I’m off to a good start with my summer plans. First planned when school is over, I’m going to be joining this Hoby program, traveling all the way to Spokane to visit Whitworth University with my friend Milana. I’m very excited to meet new people and experience/learn new things. Hoby is a cool program for sophmores, allowing students to participate in unique leadership training for young people to become great leaders which is pretty cool. I’m excited!

Other things I have planned besides that are hanging out with friends and going to the lake (best hangout spot btw) I didn’t get to do that as much last summer due to covid, which is why I’m really looking forward to this summer and making as many fun memories as I can.

Not only am I just hanging out with friends, I’ll alos have to work. I’ll be working at the dog kennel, helping my mom at the supermarket. Also, Im planning on playing some volleyball with some friends since I really want to join the team next year! I want to get prepared and get good before the season starts. I can’t wait!

Paxton White – This summer I have plans to go to Florida for my cousin’s wedding. I also plan on playing lots of soccer, basketball, and golf to prepare for my final highschool sports seasons. I also plan on working at Mathew’s Smokehouse which is kind of boring…

Nisha Woolworth – This summer I’m planning on spending my time working, hanging out with my siblings while they are back from college, and going to the lake as much as possible. I would also like to go camping and boat around to other islands in the San Juans with my friends and family.

Gray Gailey – I’m going to New York for the New York times’ summer program, then I’m working for the rest of the summer.

Hunter Knapp – I’m working for part of the summer in Seattle as a lifeguard, and my family is planning on going on a road trip at some time, but we’re not sure where yet. We were considering St. Paul, Minnesota, a field in Montana, or some where in Rhode Island, probably a hole or cave somewhere.

Ellie Wright – I’m going to work for most of the summer, I have a lot of family visiting from out of state too. My family has also been restoring a 1980s San Juan 23 sailboat, which I’m hoping we’ll get to spend a lot of time on this summer.

Theo Vaccarella – I’m going to Chicago for the first part of the summer, and working for the second part. Maybe I’ll go on vacation at the end of the summer.