Homecoming retrospective: hustle, hubbub & hurly-burly

Members of the Class of 2023 after the Homecoming parade / Photographer: Ryan Kennedy

Homecoming week this year will go down as an overwhelming success. The week was a busy one, with lip-sync practices going till dark, hallways decorated to their full movie-worthy glory, and floats covered in colorful paper. Spirit week had high participation, filled with creative approaches and outstanding props. The themes of the week were “Adam Sandler Monday”, “Twin Tuesday”, “Anything-But-A-Backpack-Wednesday”, “BBQ Champ and Soccer Parent Thursday”, and “Spirit Friday”. The competition was fierce but ended on a sweet note at the homecoming dance Saturday, where students were able to spend the night with friends.


Before spirit week even began, classes were already getting ready for homecoming. On Sunday the school was open for an eight-hour stretch, in which each class struggled to complete the decoration of their colorful hallways in the time given. This year the homecoming theme was Disney movies, with the Freshman picking “Frozen”, the Sophomores choosing “Teen Beach Movie”, the Juniors picking Cars, and the Seniors choosing “Aladdin”. The winner of the hallway competition was the Sophomores, with a paper beach and 3D stage setup.

At he homecoming assembly, awards were given out for spirit week, and the long-awaited lip-syncs were performed. Milana Schneider won “Adam Sandler Monday”, decked out in over- sized basketball shorts and carrying a Starbucks cup through- out the whole day. Justin Krisch-Derr and Meriel Griffith won “Twin Tuesday”, both dressing as Charlie Chaplin. Ava Ashcraft won “Anything-But-A-Backpack” Wednesday, with her younger brother Cruz Ashcraft riding on her shoulders in the place of a backpack. On Thursday we had a total of three winners, with Eava Wood winning “BBQ Champ”, equipped with a spatula, a tucked in t-shirt, and shorts. The other two winners were Jack Spinogatti and Christopher Mullan who tied for “Soccer Parent”, both sporting encouraging spirit for their soccer players and long sleeves. Diego Lago and his bright blue wig won on “Spirit Friday”. The overall winner was Maitri Grace, with the most school spirit and consistently impressive outfits each day. The sophomores won the lip-sync contest with their “surf-tastic” dance number.

After the spirit week assembly classes had an hour to dismantle their hallways and decorate floats. Once the floats were constructed, the students made their way to the village green, marching in a
parade. When the parade reached its destination, the high school band played on the stage while much of the community gathered in the village green for chili, hot chocolate, and a bonfire. The winners of the float competition were the Sophomores, with a replica beach accompanied by real sand. With the completion of spirit week, students were allowed a much needed respite at the home- coming dance. The night was fun, with lots of dancing, fierce corn hole competition, and students thunderously singing along to select songs. Alas, not all was fun and games, as the overall winners of this homecoming week were announced at the dance. Sophomores won, with the Juniors in second, Seniors in third, and Freshmen coming in last.