Featured Student: Kellen Maier Values Advantages of Small School

Kellen Maier

Kellen Maier at the computer, tackling coding problems / Photographer: Phaedra Osborn

High school senior Kellen Maier has been a student of Orcas Island School District for his whole life, and loves living on the island. He excels in academics, and has achieved high honor roll every semester of high school, one of his proudest achievements as a student. He is drawn to math and science, and his favorite class this year is computer programming, taught by Chris Waage. “I’m into computer science and computer engineering, but my favorite subject is math. I’m taking Calculus this year.” Despite the fact that Calculus is challenging and the concepts are sometimes difficult to understand, he loves mathematics, and hopes to continue to pursue this interest in college.

“I’ll probably go to UW and study engineering or mathematics. I’m nervous to go to college; everything’s a lot bigger and there are a lot more people, but I’m excited to try something new.” Maier will miss the tight-knit community and atmosphere of Orcas once he leaves for college, and values the benefits of living on a small island.

“The community has helped me become the student I am today. Living on Orcas, everyone is always willing to help out with anything that you need.” Maier praised OHS’ teachers and small student size, and will miss both if he goes to a big school.

“You connect more with your teachers and get more time with them.” He values the one-on-one time that is available to students within the school system and is able to take advantage of it, something he will miss once he leaves for college. Maier also recognizes the uniqueness of the island. “I love Orcas, it’s a different environment; we get to live on this beautiful island. It’s smaller and not packed like the big city.”

Maier also is very involved in sports, and plays when he can. “I like being active and staying in shape.” Sports are a good way to do this, and Maier loves to play. “My favorite shot in basketball is the three point shot.”