Election Reaction: Misogyny within the 2016 Election

Our country could use women leaders, for we have been lead by men for so long. In this election, misogyny was rampant. The major candidates were a very qualified woman and a billionaire that decided he wanted to be president with no former experience in politics. The man was elected. Beginning in January, we will have President Trump (cringe). This is a blatant example of misogyny.

In politics, for every step forward you take, there is a certain amount of backlash from the opposing side. When we elected Obama, a huge step forward was taken. And now we are seeing the backlash for that progress in the form of Donald Trump.

Clinton poses for the camera

I know that many people hated Hillary vehemently. If there was one thing going for her in my eyes, it was that she is a woman. If in no other respect there was going to be progress, at least we would have made the progress of finally having a woman in the White House. It is 2016, and the United States has been a country for 239 years. In those 239 years of existence we have had 43 men serve as president. But we still have yet to elect a woman president. Turkey has had more women elected to public office then the US. We have not broken that glass ceiling yet.

I have heard that one of the reasons Hillary was not elected was that she is a woman. I am not saying that was the only reason, but it is the stupidest reason I can think of. I have also heard that people disliked her because she made compromises. That is politics for you. If you don’t make compromises, nothing will get done. It is a game of give and take. I really hope that Trump will not do everything that he has promised to do. But it is probably a vain hope.

Next election though, perhaps we can do better. For if you only count the votes of voters 18-25, Trump would have only received 23 electoral votes. If the younger generations continue to lean in this direction, maybe we will see a woman in the White House in the future. It will be about time.