Phase III School Bond Potential Improvements

While we do try to encourage bonding between students at Orcas Island, there’s another type of bond that’s highly encouraged. That’s the Phase III School Bond. The school believes this bond will make our school even better, as well as add some long-awaited improvements. This bond has something in it for everyone, especially the students. This bond would the improvement of the old gym, replacing the gym flooring, remodeling the bathrooms, and replacing the bleachers so the old gym will be better than ever. The only problem this creates is what would we call the old gym once it has been redone? The new, new gym? The once-old-but-not-anymore-gym?

The high school section of the bond will fix some of the oldest woes of the students adding an HVAC system so we won’t be sweating at certain times of the year, or crowding around the space heaters during the rest of the year. The bond will also improve the water in the school. The pipes built in the early 1990’s are definitely in need of replacement.  This will not only make the water in the fountains drinkable and the toilets flush better, but will also provide new fire suppression systems to our school which is essential for our safety. Not only will the pipes be improved, and an HVAC system be put in place, but the school will receive a facelift with new tiles, paint, restroom improvements, and add a new outdoor vestibule, among other things.

This bond will also provide a new music multi-purpose room that will match the current band room, getting the strings out of the elementary and freeing up that space for other uses. The bond will also make the school more accessible to all of our students by providing handicap door openers. 

One of the more controversial parts of the bond is the addition of a new track for our school. Due to a generous donation of one million dollars, the track is already partially paid for, a donation we will lose if this bond doesn’t pass. This track will be essential for our track team in the future, keeping them from just running on the mud around the football field, which this will give us the same edge almost all other schools with track teams have. Some of the tack team even made it to state this year without a track. The track would also be at the community’s disposal, so people can come up and have a casual walk.

Yet another thing this bond will do is fix the school road so that all the cars of the staff and students alike, won’t be rocked like a roller coaster when they encounter one or more potholes. Deep enough potholes can mess up the alignment of cars tires, and nobody wants that. All-in-all, this bond will add many new improvements to our already great school.