Best Dressed or Most Stressed: Finals Week Outfits

Jack lookin' fly

Jack / Photographer: Bella Evans

Ayjah lookin' fly

Ayjah / Photographer: Bella Evans

Jack Spinogatti walked into the school wearing a mix of white and black that made everyone in the commons do a double take. Choosing to style himself, he stuck with a simple color scheme, the only pop of color coming from his left shoe. His sweatshirt was from Amazon, his pants were from his grandma, and his crossbody bag was from Adidas. Sticking with his natural look, he chose to use no product in his hair, giving it a very, very effortless look. While some students were in awe of his confidence, others felt as though even during finals week there are some outfits that are just not acceptable. Staff reporter Eava Wood commented that “he really put in absolutely no effort in at all,” and that “it was a disaster.”

Student Ayjah Wright opted for a more classic look, but accessorized it with a strawberry Bubly to give it a spark. She walked into the commons wearing a hoodie stolen from her ex, and pants from her mom. Similar to Jack, Ayjah also opted for a more natural look, with her loose side ponytail accentuating her tired eyes. The critics were less harsh on Ayjah, saying “I loved the mismatched socks under her Puma slides. She really embodies what finals week is all about,” and “Ayjah is an icon to all of us.”

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