Artist of the Month: Dana Sabine

Dana Sabine has been passionate about art all her life. From childhood arts and crafts with her family to learning piano and guitar to taking guitar building and AP Art at Orcas Island High School, Sabine has been involved in both the visual and performing arts throughout her years on Orcas.

When it comes to the visual arts, Sabine works in various mediums including drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage. One of Sabine’s favorite themes to depict is nature, bringing emphasis to the natural patterns that surround us every day.

As an AP student, Sabine’s work was featured at the Orcas Center Student Art Show. Viewers were impressed by the scale, detail, and alternative medium of her piece entitled “Sea Turtle.” The turtle image was created using sea glass and the background and shadows comprised of different shades of sand. Sabine also draws artistic inspiration from her love of music. She is currently experimenting with various methods of communicating song lyrics through the visual arts. She is excited to combine her two passions into one cohesive art form.

Sabine will be attending Gonzaga University next year and although she doesn’t plan on pursuing a career in art, she will certainly continue to create and contribute to the artistic community wherever she goes.