Viking Voice Student of the Month January 2022

Congratulations to Willow White for being January’s featured student!

Based on leadership, kindness, and academic excellence, The Viking Voice will select a student for every issue.

A well-known senior in the OIHS population, White is a student with many talents. Living off the grid until the age of 12, she lived an early life surrounded by nature. Soon after, she moved to Orcas Island, where she has lived ever since. White plays for both Viking volleyball as a defensive specialist and Viking softball as an outfielder, making her a vital asset to OIHS athletics. Playing an active role in Next Generation, Key Club, Environmental club, as well as playing trumpet for zero-period band, White spends lots of her time participating in extracurriculars. Earlier this month, White participated in the Pacific Lutheran University’s honor band event for high schoolers, displaying her talent in playing the Trumpet and her enthusiastic attitude towards school. Thank you Willow, for being a great role model in the Class of 2022.

Willow’s Stats:

Has a golden retriever named Blu.

Owns a hedgehog named Alfred.

Her favorite birds are owls.

She loves math class, unlike many students at OIHS.

Dressed as a jack-o’-lantern for Halloween last year.

Lived off solar panels and generators as a child.