The striking Viking: Kellen Maier


Pondering life / Image credit: Ray Doss

The Vikings Baseball team was extra strong this last spring season. After many years of struggle and growth they are starting to come out on top-many state that it’s mainly due to their young team. For the past couple seasons, Viking’s Baseball has had a very small amount of seniors and a very large amount of hopeful underclassmen, who are only getting better as they stick around for the next four years. One of these hopeful young Vikings is freshman Kellen Maier. Maier is new to high school, but not new to sports, as he has been participating in them for years now. Maier is considered an “all-star athlete” in high school because he plays three sports in a year, however, this is no chore for him.

“I like playing for the Vikings,” Maier said, “they are very strong.” Maier plays soccer, basketball and baseball, but when asked he said he enjoys baseball the most. “It requires everyone to do their job, its more thinking than physical,” Maier reasoned. He plays third base and enjoys it because he loves to get grounders. When asked what his proudest moment was this last spring season, he said it was his triple he hit in Darlington. “It felt great!” he said, recollecting about the moment.

In the future he hopes to grow with the already strong team. He can see himself earning varsity letters and becoming a better player. Maier is now finishing up his first year of high school, and along with the rest of the new freshman, has an extensive road ahead. We are grateful for all of the young athletes coming into the Orcas athletics program because they are the future of Vikings sports. We hope to see them all grow from great athletes to the best athletes. Thank you to Maier,and all of the new and future underclassmen athletes for keeping the Vikings alive.