The favorite holiday movies of OIHS

Buddy the Elf / Photographer: Contributed

The snow falls among the evergreen trees, the air sweet with Christmas spirit. With this comes a seasonal favorite: Christmas movies. What is a better time than now to cuddle up with your friends and sip hot chocolate while watching “Die Hard”? Or even better, fight over whether “Die Hard” is a Christmas movie. A recent survey conducted among 42 OIHS students has given us a large overview of differentiating movie tastes. Here are, by popular vote, the best Christmas movies that will get your jolly on.

Checking in at number one, with 23 votes (56.1%), is “Home Alone”, a Christmas classic that has graced our screens for decades with its generationally enjoyed slapstick humor. Next up on the list was “Elf”, holding 19 votes (46.3%). This modern holiday classic stars Will Ferrell as an elf named Buddy who visits New York City in an attempt to meet his real father. Next up on the list was “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, which secured a tied third place with 18 votes (43.9%). It is a fantastic barrier-breaking claymation film following Jack Skellington, a spooky scary skeleton who attempts to take over the Christmas holiday. Accompanying “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is the original Christmas movie titan: “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, starring Jim Carrey. This movie is a classic that needs no description. Dr. Seuss will go down in history with his world-building and famous character: the Grinch.

Other noticeable movies people seem to enjoy watching underneath the covers are “Polar Express”, “Klaus”, “A Christmas Story”, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, “Get Santa,” and “Santa Clause” (all in order from greatest to least amount of votes before it gets obscure). When students were asked if they enjoyed watching any of the “Home Alone” sequels, the answer came to a resounding 100% no. What a shocker.