Student of the Month – Royce Tye

Royce Tye just before performing with 37666 for the 2023 Battle of the Bands / Photographer: Kai Ross

Many have met Royce Tye, a Sophomore student at Orcas Island High School. But do you know who he is? Tye was born in Bellingham. Ever since his earliest conscious moments, he has wanted to be a music producer. Tye’s dedication is apparent; he has starred in six bands over a course of three years. Wow. One of his bands, aptly named “37666” won more than seven awards for (among others): best solos, judges vote, audience vote, and the winner of Seaview Theater’s 2023 Battle of the Bands. Royce usually stars in the bands in which he plays, singing along with playing the guitar and bass. He says that music serves as a therapeutic outlet, and allows him to connect with his emotions.

In addition to his accomplishments in music, Tye is an excellent student and is always leaving a positive impact on both his peers and teachers. Though he may not consistently achieve top grades, his dedication and hard work in his studies are admirable. As fellow student Jimmy King stated, “Bookworm Royce is a real worm. I know many worms, but none as good as Royce the worm.” Tye is obviously dedicated to his work, and tries as hard as he can. Tye also loves the study of mathematics, where he strives to excel. Being in the super-advanced math classes is a surprise for Tye, but he sees it as a challenge to overcome. He looks to several paths for the future, including studying at Berkeley University and considering a career in the medical field. His ambition and open-mindedness promise a bright future for this fellow.

Royce Tye is the epitome of a well-rounded Viking, caring about not only his school but his community as well. Tye’s Viking spirit is shown through his dedication, kindness, and diverse interests. He truly embodies what it means to be an Orcas Island Viking and is an inspiration to his peers as he walks the halls among us.