Pet pandemonium: top three featured pets

Welcome back to Pet Pandemonium, where we feature three fuzzy, feathery, shelly, or scaly critters every edition. Without further ado, here’s our concluding three pets:


Salty is a 2 year old, tortoiseshell, feline who loves to hunt and gift deceased voles to her family. She had an eventful upbringing, where she used to live in the city and had a litter at the ripe age of two months old. Now that she lives on Orcas Island, she spends her free time scratching up couches, and overall being a family menace. I can’t help but notice how elegant she is; look at that pose. Thanks for sending in a photo.



Curly is a fuzzy, super blend of different rabbit breeds, which lead to his fur and his name. His siblings have smooth fur, but because of his mixture of ancestry, he was born looking like a mini lamb! We’ve never featured a bunny on Pet Pandemonium, but he’s a very welcome first. Thanks for your participation, Curly.




Charlie will be the very first reptile addition to Pet Pandemonium. Charlie is a bearded dragon with a dear admiration for butternut squash. I guess reptiles have sweet tooths, too. In fact, he loves butternut squash so much that he’ll give you a “weird look” if you attempt to feed him anything besides it and bugs. I can’t imagine how a bearded dragon would give someone a funny look, but it’s fun to try. Thanks for your participation.


That’s it for this year’s final edition of Pet Pandemonium. I really enjoyed getting to admire all your pets. Thank you for participating, and I look forward to seeing your pets again next year!