Orcas-Lopez Football Make Play for State

football action

Lopez student Vinny Cramer breaks a tackle / Photo credit: Melanie Flint

The newly combined Orcas-Lopez High School football team has its sights set on going to state and possibly making history.

One afternoon, while the Orcas football boys were out on the practice field, an animated figure approached the Viking field and began talking with their coach, Justin Frausto. Within minutes the team flocked to Dwight Lewis and coach to eavesdrop on the conversation. “Do you want Lopez to come play with you?”, was the question Lewis asked.

There, on that day, it was unanimously decided by the Viking team to combine forces with the still-strong remains of the Lobo team. Ever since, it has been nothing but trouble for the unlucky adversaries. After plowing through the Wolverines on Opening Day, the hybrid team has only lost two games. One to league rival Concrete by two points, and the other to Stellar Prep, a well-rounded team from California.

With the diverse arsenal of the Lobo-Vikings (aka the Beowulfs), the goal of reaching State is not improbable. A stout offensive line, a plethora of speedy receivers, a quintessential quarterback, and a very reliable run game are among the offensive weapons this team has to their disposal, not to mention defense. Referring to themselves as “the girth,” they are the spirit of the team that makes winning possible.

However, this coalition of teams has extended beyond the scope of athletics. It is now a combining of two neighboring islands, which before now were semi-bitter rivals. It is the formation of friendships between Orcas and Lopez players and community members that will make history for both Orcas and Lopez high schools.