New Executive Council Ready to Tackle Challenges


Meet the new bosses: Gabe Smith, Journey Howden, Levi Moss, McCabe Webb, Maggie Toombs / Photographer: Meg Waage

Every spring, a new group of executive ASB officers is selected by the Orcas Island High School’s student body. These positions provide five students with the valuable chance to have an important role in leading many school-wide events over the course of the next school year.

Last year, Luke Bronn, Rowan Lister, Maggie Toombs, Journey Howden, and Gabe Smith were the school’s ASB officers. All students served their term as capable leaders for the school. However, a fresh group of officers was voted into office this spring, comprised of experienced and new leaders. Howden, Smith, and Toombs have returned to the council as incoming seniors for a second consecutive term. Incoming senior McCabe Webb and incoming junior Levi Moss were voted onto the council and are certain to bring fresh ideas and methods to the group.

As with all leaders, it is important that the executive officers uphold the values of the student body and strive for honorable goals. During their campaign speeches, the elected candidates expressed desire to support the students of OHS and to work to make the school a more positive environment. Smith stated “I hope to maintain and enhance the traditional events as well as starting some new ones.” Like the other candidates, he also wishes to be an approachable leader: “I hope I can be seen as someone any student can come to.”

OHS continues to grow as a community and school. Dedicated leaders who will contribute their own experiences, talents, and leadership to the ASB council and to the growth of the school are valued. Every student has much to offer, and a position as an ASB member is a perfect opportunity for one’s individual contributions to create powerful change. These positions provide other enjoyable benefits as well: “I have most enjoyed getting a peek behind the curtain at the inner workings of the school,” said Smith.

“I look forward to leading the school until next spring,” said Webb, with the nodding support of Bronn behind him.