New ASB Officials’ Stances

April ended with a bang at OHS as the ASB elections took place. While the race for the positions was not wrought with competition, it is with no less excitement that they take office. In contrast to past years, the ASB is made up of three rising juniors, Maggie Toombs, Journey Howden and Gabe Smith, and two rising seniors, Rowan Lister and the re-elected Luke Bronn. Toombs says of her new position, “I’m most excited about this new year as an ASB executive officer because it is a new experience, something I’ve never done before. I love to try new things, so I’m stoked to be able to try this out.”

While it is still undecided if formal positions will be assigned or the ASB will run as a counsel, it is sure that the five members will work their hardest no matter what. ASB member Luke Bronn presents both sides of the coin, “Having a council can be challenging, because there is often no leader of the group. It is great, because it gives the school to choose their top 5 favorite candidates, rather than having a president and picking only one of their top few favorite options.” Smith also gives his opinion, “By having a council format, the speed and clarity of an executive decision by a president is lost however, this also eliminates the danger of a president with poor judgement making and unwise choice.”

He served one year, but Luke Bronn’s work is not finished. He says, “My goal for next year is to have a larger percent of the school participate in spirit based activities, like homecoming, assemblies, and sports attendance.” Adding that he is, “…very excited for homecoming and all of the festivities around it.” Similarly, Howden wants to raise school spirit this next year by “…more school spirit from everyone, from all walks of life and all different groups around the school.” It seems the idea of an all inclusive school will be at the forefront of school activities.

When asked specifically about homecoming, Gabe Smith commented, “[While OSH] will not be having lip syncs this spring, they have not yet been entirely ruled out for the future. As a new student last year I found them to be a great part of my experience and hope that next year we can see a revival of this great tradition while not offending anyone.” This is good news for those who love the lip syncs. Journey Howden says “All I can say is Homecoming will be LIT!”

One last thought? Maggie Toombs is “excited to work with all these smart, hilarious, wonderful people in the next year!”