Kaskurs Returns

At the beginning of the school year, senior Anthony Kaskurs joined the staff of The Viking Voice as both a reporter and the section editor for the sports section. Unfortunately, Kaskurs resigned from his positions after the first edition, having never attended a single staff meeting. Immediately following his resignation, however, Kaskurs began attending staff meetings and contributing to brainstorming activities. He even helped with editing and updated the reporter spreadsheet for The Viking Voice’s most recent edition. Within weeks of leaving the club, Kaskurs became the most reliable and hard working ex-staff member The Viking Voice has ever produced.


Kaskurs in the flesh / Contributed Photo

This month, The Viking Voice is pleased to announce that Kaskurs has been reinstated as a full-time club member. He has returned to his previous two positions, but is also taking over the positions of club president, secretary, treasurer, editor-in-chief, and copy editor. Kaskurs will now run all club meetings and will be the only member of the club required to attend, as he holds all official positions. He will also make all final decisions regarding paper content and publishing timelines and will edit each newspaper story a minimum of two times before publication.

Other newspaper staff members are pleased to have Kaskurs back on the team.

“Anthony is such a team player,” says ex-Treasurer Ray Doss, “simply because he

Anthony Banner

Kaskurs is the new Viking Voice Banner / Photographer and Graphic Artist: Emma Heikkinen

makes up the whole team.” Ex-President Zach Waage agrees, “I am so glad Anthony is back. I feel secure knowing that The Viking Voice is in his hands.” In an effort to show Kaskurs how much he is appreciated, the staff of The Viking Voice has devised a very special “thank you” for their fearless leader. “We wanted to do something really special to honor him,” explains ex-Editor-In-Chief Emma Heikkinen, “so we all decided that the best way to do this is to change the official The Viking Voice logo to a picture of Kaskurs’ face.”

This change will insure that Kaskurs’ hard work will be remembered long after his graduation from Orcas Island High School. Kaskurs is truly touched by the gesture, stating, “I hope that when I visit Orcas for my high school reunion, The Viking Voice will still play a significant role in students’ lives. It gives me great pride to think that students 10 years down the road will still be looking at my picture on the front cover of the newspaper and thinking about all that our paper stands for.”