Incredible Athlete: Joie Zier


Zier charges / Contributed photo

Anyone who has ever seen Joie Zier race across the soccer field to protect the goal has to agree that she is a demon of speed and a key player. This year she finds herself playing a defensive position on the Viking Girls Soccer team.

She first became interested in sports because all of her siblings, amazing athletes as well, did them too. She loves being active, and she is always training individually or partaking in a team sport. Zier has broken a few records in crew and marathon times, as well as times in the mile run. When asked about her limits, she laughed, “I have no limits!” quickly followed by, “that was a joke!”

The best games, she says, are the ones where everyone works together with no fighting. Teamwork is very important, both in playing and in practice, and it really makes all the difference when it comes to success. The moments she is most proud of are the ones with her team, when, winning or losing, she is happy and having fun. In her opinion, what makes a good coach is the ability to listen to and get through to players. Even if she feels upset at a referee and disagrees with his or her call, she handles it by calmly talking with her coach. The things that Zier feels most directly contribute to her success are listening to her coach and putting 110% into everything she does. Her biggest fans and support system are her parents who, “are awesome… and are at every one of my games.”

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