How to Deal with Difficult Parents

Typical parents, always arguing. / Photographer: Destiny Wright

You may be asking yourself, “how do I deal with my crazy parents?” Well, I have some answers for you. Here are seven ways to deal with your parents.

Never listen to what they have to say. It is most likely terrible advice and you do not deserve those lies. What you can do is just go to your room and blast your music so loud so that nothing can get your attention. Then you will not have to hear your parents’ garbage.

If they are watching T.V. and it is too loud because they are deaf, or it is just bothering you, stomp out to the living room, snatch the remote from their hands and turn that awful noise off because YOU NEED SLEEP.

Arrest them with zip-tie handcuffs and drag them to a therapist because they obviously need help. You know there is a problem when you act like more of an adult than your own parents do.

Since they do not know how to enforce their fake, unnecessary rules on you, make them follow your rules.

Make dinner. Make them believe that you could actually be responsible for once, and poof, they will trust you and your decisions. 

If they do not let you go to a party, then bring the party to you. Your parents will become angry and will never want you to host a party again. Hopefully, they will give you permission to go to future parties because they know what you are capable of.

If your parents complain about how much time you spend on your phone (when they spend way more time on theirs than you do), just take away their phones when you get home. It will really make them angry, and in the end, you will get what you want because they hate feeling mad.