Horoscopes: The Real Deal


You could begin to have doubts about goals that may be taking a long time to manifest. Hang in there. Sometimes things take longer than you’d like, but success is still in the wind.


You’ve been working hard and concentrating on little else, so your body is now rebelling. You need some rest. Take time off and relax a little and don’t feel guilty about it.


The calculating Capricorn Moon prompts us to think about our behavior today. The Moon’s stressful alignments with powerful Pluto and explosive Uranus may trigger an emotional confrontation while her trine to bountiful Jupiter encourages us to over-inflate the importance of the present moment.


Aim to please! Service with a smile is your overarching theme this month, Aries. Lewis Carroll was onto something when he wrote: “One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.” These words might ring especially true now, as a cluster of planets hover in your mystical, compassionate serve-or-suffer twelfth house.


This is the month to go on a journey with a friend. Big changes are around the corner, so spend some time with those who matter most to you.


Keep at it, finish what you have to, and don’t make yourself crazy over it. Go with the flow.


Solar eclipses bring surprising events that trigger fresh starts and sudden opportunities. It’s a great day to make a radical change to your inner circle … or just to let the universe play matchmaker.


If you’ve been sweeping some big problems under the proverbial Persian rug, it’s time to face those head-on. In love, Saturn pushes you to confront deep-seated blocks and fears around intimacy. A business partnership might also see growing pains. Roll up your sleeves and fix the rough patches.


This month also kicks off a game-changing eclipse season, upgrading your standards to feed your soul’s continued growth. Is it time to demand that you raise or put your foot down with a certain family member? The cosmos are urging you to ask for what you want.


Eclipses bring unexpected events, and this could bring sudden “overnight sensation” fame. Get ready for your close-up and prep that acceptance speech! Since lunar eclipses can herald endings or transitions, you may decide to move on from a love affair that’s been on the fence — or to make it official already.


You have overcome many hardships in the past few weeks. Now it is time to look back on your achievements. This month will bring rest and rejuvenation.


This is a month to try something new and break out of your comfort zone. Be receptive of new ideas from all fronts.