Five Things You Need to Know to Live a Happier Life, Immediately. I Cried.

  1. Black-White-Red-Cartoon-Shark-CowSharks and cows are in fact very close cousins. Their DNA is almost identical and they exhibit similar social habits and food catching techniques. Also, the milk of both animals is commonly poured over breakfast cereals. Wow!
  2. The modern day “hat” was invented on a stormy day in 1964, when president Johnson Hattington was accidentally hit with a tortilla from a passing secret service vehicle. The president exclaimed, “I declare this a safeguard from the rain!” and the trend caught fire rapidly.
  3. It is estimated that approximately 3,526,915,058,251,456,376,205,948,326,567,589,065,843,725,245,674,721,930,584,624,386,282,430,019,384,756,009,387,656,478,392,102,987,564,783,298,475,647,382,912,384,756,478,392 (fifty eight tredecillion, two hundred fifty one duodecillion, four hundred fifty six undecillion, three hundred seventy six decillion, two hundred five nonillion, nine hundred forty eight octillion, three hundred twenty six septillion, five hundred sixty seven sextillion, five hundred eighty nine quintillion, sixty five quadrillion, eight hundred forty three trillion, seven hundred twenty five billion, two hundred forty five million, six hundred seventy four thousand, seven hundred twenty one) King Oscar™ Sardines are consumed every six seconds.
  4. Did you know that the beloved maple tree in front of the elementary school was uprooted in 2002? Since then, technical experts have replaced the tree with a solid 3D hologram.
  5. The Viking Voice, a school newspaper above all school newspapers, was started in 2018. Don’t think so? You are 4 years behind schedule. Come on, keep up.