Fall Crew Season

“We had a fantastic fall season this year on the Crew team and an incredible turnout of rowers. Fall crew seasons usually consist of less rowers then the more popular spring seasons. But that was not the case this year. We had a whole variety of rowers out on the water doing what they do best.


The Orcas Island girls quad with two guest rowers at the Head of the Lake regatta at the University of Washington. Photo Credit: Rich Doss

Fall crew seasons are a little more unique. During spring seasons rowers race in sprints where they row a short 2,000 meters. Fall races are much longer and require rowers to row a whopping 5,000 to 6,000 meters. They can take around 20 to 30 minutes to complete and require a whole lot of drive. Drive that Orcas Island Rowing has.


Rowers Ray Doss and Kahana Pieitsch (In Blue and White) heading through the Montlake Cut during the Head of the Lake regatta. Photo Credit: Rich Doss

This season we hosted our very own home regatta on Cascade Lake. We had guest rowers from Duwamish join us for the event.

They also joined us for the Head of the Lake regatta at the University of Washington. This was a very exciting regatta because we had the opportunity to row on Lake Union and Lake Washington, and through the Montlake Cut. It was an incredible opportunity for our little rowing team. We look forward to more regattas during the spring season and more great crew experiences.”

– Ray Doss, Crew Team Member