Ellie’s Verses

A multimedia college inspired by the poems below / Artist: Ellie Wright

Laundry Pile

I am nothing if not a constant state of change.

So which heart do I follow?

Today’s or tomorrow’s?

A moment can only exist

If time ebbs and flows around it.

Can self only exist

As change flows through it?

Does every iteration

Just built atop the others?

Am I nothing more than a laundry pile

Of patchwork quilts?



There are far too many stars

To count them all

An abyss so deep

I gulp and gasp for air

My head turned towards the heavens

Facing a God

Facing everything else


There are too many grains of sand

To count them all

I bury my hands

In infinite impressions

My feet planted in the earth

Rooted in experience

Rooted in life