Ellie’s Poetry

Artist’s interpretation of “Humans“ / Artist: Molly Troxel


Humans with stupid little brains and stupid giant hearts
Creating something out of nothing
Turning something into art

They don’t understand the universe or what the universe really means
So, they create ideas
About the universe’s crazy schemes

Making up concepts and telling them as fact
Like time, and religion, and love
To ignore what’s lurking behind their backs

They think they’re so smart, with their devices and their thoughts
But it’s so hard for them to function
With their feelings tied up in knots

I don’t think they meant to do as much harm as they did
They just wanted to hold each other
And wish they were still kids

Humans make mistakes sometimes; they yell and push and shove
But most just hope for survival
And most just hope to be loved


Tough to be a bug

When the earth is crumbling
It’s hard to live in the ground
But everyone is yelling so loudly
That they won’t let you make a sound

They all think that they know best
Ordering destruction with a shrug
But you’re the one who sees the damage
God, it’s tough to be a bug

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