Charlie Holmes? Who Knew!


Photographer: Matia Schwartz

10 surprising facts about Orcas Island High School senior Charlie Holmes.

1. The best gift I ever received was a Christmas present; I got a pack of around 200 Ticonderoga pencils and I still haven’t run out.
2. My first job was a dishwasher at Hogstone.
3. My greatest fear is being stranded in the middle of the ocean.
4. I got my first phone, a flip phone, in 6th grade. It was sweet.
5. My shower curtain is white, and it really ties the bathroom together.
6. The last person I rode in an elevator with was Anneke Ivans.
7. I went ice skating as a kid, but I wasn’t any good.
8. One thing I’m really good at cooking is breakfast.
9. I have never had stitches.
10. Before I die I want to have my own segment in the school newspaper that doesn’t have to do with being a “lizard person wannabe.” I guess this is it. Oh well.
Bonus: I was born on the same day as Will Ferrell!