Ask Ed

Ed! Why are high schoolers always ready for the Zombie apocalypse and never the math test?



Dear Curiosity,

I’d like to say first off, this sounds distinctly like a Mr. Austin question, but he doesn’t teach math, and furthermore, my survey is only sent out to students, so I am left in a state of confusion. Whoever you are, wherever you are, I can sense your chakra has aligned with Mr. Austins and you are guaranteed to pass your next English test. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I can commence in answering your curious inquisition (yes, this response has a word count to meet). I have to admit, your question confuses me. Are you so disconnected from your fellow students that you truly do not understand this concept? Or are you questioning your own ability to thoroughly procrastinate your studies by researching whether or not zombies can run? In regards to the first scenario, I suggest taking time to reconnect to your peers, make some bad decisions, and perhaps along the way you’ll find yourself and the answer to your question. If however, you’re questioning why you personally are more preoccupied with the undead than quadratic equations, I’d reflect on where your priorities lie. A helpful motivator for you may be envisioning yourself during the zombie apocalypse and then envisioning yourself taking a math test. Which truly seems more enjoyable? Suddenly the math test doesn’t seem that bad (and it’s far more likely), so prepare for that instead. 

Thank you for your inquisition,