Ask Ed: Terrible tricks and perilous pranks

Dear Ed, 

Last year on April first, my friends pulled a prank on me that knocked my socks off: they called me on a random number and asked if my refrigerator was running. Totally wild. Anyways, I am wondering how I can get back at them this year…

Jokingly, Anonymous 


Dear Anonymous,

I hear you. Coming up with a fun prank on your friends can be difficult. You can always go with the tried and true pranks, such as putting a banana on the floor or putting a paper sign on their back that says “kick me”. I will also tell you the crazy prank that I pulled on my friend Mark; Mark and I decided to take a trip to New York together. When we got on the airplane, the flight attendants warned everyone not to turn off airplane mode on your phones and if we did, there would be serious consequences. Mark was obviously scared by their speech so immediately turned on airplane mode on his phone. I thought it was a load of bologna and I wanted to see what the “serious consequences” would be, so while Mark was napping, I took his phone and turned off airplane mode.

Immediately, the pilot went on his loud speaker.

“Did someone just turn off airplane mode? If so please turn it back on in 30 seconds or else..” I thought this was pretty funny so I just sat there giggling to myself. Thirty seconds later, the fasten seatbelt light went on and we started to descend. I was starting to get concerned so I turned airplane mode back on. That was when I heard the Captain’s voice resonate back over the loud speaker: “It’s too late. We warned you there would be serious consequences.”

Thirty minutes later we made an early landing at Las Vegas, where a group of military men removed me and Mark from the plane.

I started screaming “It was just a prank bro!!” but they would not listen. There were tanks surrounding the plane; Mark had no idea what was happening. Then they put us to sleep.

We woke up in a prison cell. I asked one of the guards where we were and he said, “Guantanamo Bay.” Mark and I started freaking out. Is this what happens when you turn off airplane mode on a plane?

After four years in captivity, we were able to flee to Cuba. The US army is still after us. We have been labeled Class A war criminals and are on the CIA’s Most Wanted list.

While this was a funny prank, I would not recommend you pull this on your friends. Instead, try a fun prank on a cop where you pickpocket his firearm and see how that goes.

Sincerely, Ed