A Study of Plant Personalities and Traits

Campus tree, Sakurniandomängiciö, strikes an artistic pose / Photographer: Meg Waage

Did you know that plants can have names and personalities? It is not just us animals. I have found that the plants around our school are especially plentiful in character.

In this edition, I would like to focus on one particular plant: the tree near the culinary arts room and the little garden right next to it.

For those who do not pay attention to such things, this tree flowers pink in the spring and it may be some kind of fruit tree that does not produce fruit.

This particular tree is named Sakurniandomängiciö which is pronounced Sahk-ern-ian-dome-ahn-jee-cio. It is a very lively and energetic tree. It loves people and is always sad during the summer when everyone goes away. The bench beneath is always open for people to rest. It has two siblings, which are located right next to it inside the little garden. Their names are just as complicated: Flustarainicansita, pronounced Floo-star-eye-een-ee-cahn-see-tuh, and Wastiflonginicönicarlo, pronounced Wah-stee-flahng-eek-ohn-ee-car-lo.

Do not be intimidated by their long names, because they are very friendly and would love for you to stop by. They really are all bark and no bite at all. They are clear and concise in their words, so they will not leaf you stumped. They love our literature, all except for sappy love stories. They also always root for our sports teams and are Viking fans to the core. Enough said by me, go meet them yourself.

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