39th Edition Meet the Staff

Real staff

Bella Evans: Co-Editor-In-Chief, Reporter, Layout, Photographer, Columnist, 5’1 Wingspan, Cream Cheese Consumer

Ellie Wright: Managing Editor, Reporter, Columnist, Layout, Photographer, Very Cultured Individual

Gray Gailey: Co-Editor-In-Chief, Reporter

Roan Ontjes-DeGroot: Layout Lead, Bella’s Personal Hero, Layout Expert, Canoodler? 

Eve Eon: Secretary, Web-Master, Layout, Excellent Note Taker

Hunter Knapp: Reporter, Layout, Layout Lead, Genius, Photo-Shopper, Photographer of Cats, All-Around-Fantastic

Mona Evans: Columnist, Movie Critic

Moose Kinsey: Cartoonist

Ryan Krisch-Derr: Reporter, Layout, Photographer, Columnist, Money Making Rain Man


Logan Jones: Layout, Reporter, Columnist, Photographer

Theo Vaccarella: Reporter, Photo-Shopper, Photographer

Sam Wickstrand: PR, Sports Reporter

Lucia Martin Caro: Layout, Photographer

Juliette McKenny: Reporter, Photographer, Layout

Scarlett Coffey: Layout

Elijah Giampietro: Reporter

Meriel Griffith: Cartoonist, Reporter

Hans Sprenger: New Member, Reporter

Not staff

Running and the gym: Some of us would be a worse person if you weren’t around. We thank you.

Fauntleroy: Our new un-official, official mascot. We still love you dearly.

Back pains: We are too young for this level of hurt. 

Senioritis: A crippling illness in very dark times. Why can’t I work anymore? Am I living?

Existentialism: If mortality is fleeting, for what cause do I live? Am I myself or simply what people expect of me? Why is gas so expensive?

Soulmate(s): A second warning for the lonely hearted: don’t date in Frisco.

Layout Crew: You have my heart, wholeheartedly.

Valentines Day: Arguably the best holiday invented. Set your standards high and dream big.