2022 Senior Projects

(P.S. once again, Eve Eon did not write these but she had to lend her account to publish to the website, these were all written by their respective seniors)

Lokahi Anuenue
Women’s Alliance
I held four-five educational seminars, teaching the girls
in the high school on multiple important topics. This includes a speaker on women’s mental health, women’s reproductive health, women’s relationship health, and what it is like being a woman in any business industry.

Jaya Griesemer
The Alphabet Book

I drew and illustrated an alphabet book which I will donate to the Orcas Island Public Library.

William Ibarra
Project 601
I am leaving a memory of myself for the school.

Lorraine Lamai Rierden
Merchandise For The Animal Shelter

For my Senior Project, I am creating a nonprofit fundraiser where I create merchandise that consists of shirts, hoodies, mugs, and tote bags with my designs of animals. For every person who purchases a product, 100% of the profit goes straight to the Animal Shelter.

Tayla Malo
Orcas Athletics Fundraising Tournament
I held a golf tournament to raise money for the booster club! It was a great success. We had a good group of players come out and raised an awesome amount of money!

Uma McMurray
Spring Cleaning Donation Drive
For my Senior Project I organized and held a Donation Drive that sought no-longer loved items from community members to be donated directly to local nonprofit organizations that were in need of physical donations. My Donation Drive had five recipients including the Farm 2 Classroom Program, A*OK, and Kaleidoscope and Children’s House Preschools, and was held in the basement of the Community Church. I received, sorted, and delivered all the donations myself.

Christopher Meadows
I created a documentary about my class.

Fletcher Ness
Power Dome
A short story about people with powers being encased in a dome with real world problems such as drugs and loneliness, explained in a creative and simple way.

Raul Orantes
I am creating a wooden sign for the front of the high school that says Vikings, with a star to represent the soccer state champions.

Pablo Rodriguez
CornHole Project
I made CornHole to compete in the Viking games during school assemblies.

Odi Salinas-Cruz
Aspen’s Garden
I will be renewing the garden and planting new flowers.

Carter Smith
Wooden Garden Signs
I am making four signs for Aspen’s Garden, the Japanese garden, the elementary garden, & the outdoor classroom near Aspen’s Garden. This project will help me learn the process of design and applying that into making a quality sign. My hope is that the signs being in these areas will make them more established and in turn be used more by
our students.

Gus Smith
Painting the Wall of Wisdom
I am painting inspirational quotes in a classroom in the highschool.

Tobias Smith
Everything Crypto

For my senior project I held three seminar-like presentations discussing my experiences and general information about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and, NFTs.

Alecia Talbot
Women’s Self Defense Class
I organized and held a women’s self defense class for the community that was taught by Micheal Bennage, instructor at Win Chun Do International, Seattle. It was held May 14-15 and donations were collected for the Washington State coalition of domestic violence.

Cailin Tucker
Orcas Island Yacht Club Painting Project

I repainted the red and white OIYC building in Westsound.

Jai Wachtel
Moran State Park Trails Map
I am creating a user-friendly map of hiking trails around Cascade and Mountain Lake.

Corrah Wood
Art Class
I taught an art class to Funhouse children.

Willow White
Independent Cooking: A Visual Cookbook Made For

For my senior project I have made a visual cookbook for people with learning disabilities such as autism, or people who just learn differently, so they can become more independent. I am distributing copies of the book throughout the community and also have it available as a free online resource.


Tayla and some of the people who contributed to her project / Contributed photo from Tayla Malo










What is your senior project?
I held a golf tournament to raise money for the Booster Club!
What inspired your project?
Through the Booster Club, I have participated in several years of athletics and it has shaped me into who I am, so I was happy to do something to give back to them.
What was your biggest challenge in completing your senior project?
Organizing and advertising! Trying to figure out how to run an event then trying to get people to show up.
What was your biggest success in completing your senior project?
The amount of people and support was really awesome and I was able to raise over $2,000.
How does your project benefit the community?
I think that athletics teaches so many core values to students and the Booster Club supports that. So by supporting them, I believe we are creating better community members.

What is your senior project?
A documentary of the graduating class of 2022 at Orcas Island High School.
What inspired your project?
I love film, my class, and the island so I decided to combine them all into one.
What was your biggest challenge in completing your senior project?
I kept crying.
What was your biggest success in completing your senior project?
Seeing the accomplishments and how my class has evolved into the people we are today, and the love we have for each other and the island.
How does your project benefit the community?
It reveals what life is like as a student on Orcas Island and can help the community see the hard work they put into the schooling here, hopefully getting more attention from outsiders. It also shows off the lives of my classmates to future establishments they may hope to work for one day.