Why my music taste matters too

An amalgamation of some of Eve’s favorite albums / Photoshopper: Eve Eon

I know that most people don’t love the genres I like as much. I’ve been told my idea of publishing a column with a playlist that doesn’t exactly follow popular interest would be a bad idea since the populace of our community seems to love pop and rap a lot,  and I do not. 

I enjoy metal, alternative, dream pop, rock, R&B soul, and hard rock. Such as the sounds of Rammstein, Metallica, Cigarettes After Sex, She Wants Revenge, Childish Gambino, Primus, Black Sabbath, Arctic Monkeys, The Weeknd, and The Neighbourhood; the list goes on. Sure, most of those bands are popular, but mainly with certain communities, most of which I either relate with or don’t even know if they exist. Some of my music taste falls under being a foreign language, none of which I speak. Such as Rammstein, IC3PEAK, and Molchat Doma. And some artists I first heard of from my dad, such as E.O.N., Daft Punk, Grateful Dead, Pearl Jam, and Orbital, as well as Nirvana which I first heard when the CD was stuck in my mom’s car. But I also like popular bands such as Chase Atlantic and individuals such as Lady Gaga. I first heard of some artists in movies, books, or stories I read, such as Muse. And those I first heard of online, such as Lana Del Rey. Led Zeppelin falls under the family’s influence, but I still love it. Family influence led to me loving the band Love, with songs such as “Andmoreagain” and “ The Red Telephone”. Some artists and bands only have one piece in my entire music library, but they’re still loved, such as Joy Division. Or I Monster’s “Who Is She,” which I have been told is a sex song, but I’m still waiting on the proof. But if it is, I don’t care since a large percentage of music is. I also enjoy Fleetwood Mac and The Cure as an influence from my family.

Largely my musical taste has a lot to do with my surroundings, who I’m surrounded by, and what I’m introduced to if I like it… it becomes part of my musical tastes. Even if it’s seen as a “tik tok song,” whether I like it or not is up to me, and it shouldn’t be judged by where it gets most of its air time. 

I do not listen to the radio, so I don’t get introduced to music often. I get influenced by the media, my family and friends, and whether a song is enjoyable. Whether it’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, “Sonne,” “Du Hast,” “Kiss it Off Me,” or “R U Mine?”. My music taste is what you would call eclectic and a messy mix of genres. But I love it. Some people don’t like that I don’t like country, current pop (the 80s, synth, or dream pop is ok), or an extremely happy song, but music taste depends entirely on the person. 

I’ve been complimented on my music taste. Given what they’ve heard is mainly the heavy stuff. But recently I’ve dove further into the rabbit hole that is Rammstein. Such as their albums ‘Zeit’ and ‘Liebe ist für alle da’ which translates into Love is for everyone.

Eve Eon’s Starter Albums Playlist
Herzeleid –
Ten Thousand Fists –
Reise, Reise –
Liebe ist für alle da –
Sailing the Seas of Cheese –
Cigarettes After Sex –
Cigarettes After Sex
The Car –
Arctic Monkeys
Favourite Worst Nightmare –
Arctic Monkeys
AM –
Arctic Monkeys
Sabbath Boody Sabbath –
Black Sabbath
Dookie –
Green Day
chapter 1 – EP –
girl in red
The Simpsons Sing the Blues –
The Simpsons
Shakedown Street –
Grateful Dead

Here’s my shortest playlist

[a perk of being on the site, this is not in the print]

I Was Never There The Weeknd & Gesaffelstein Change (In the House of Flies) Deftones
Softcore The Neighbourhood Apocalypse Cigarettes After Sex
Sweater Weather The Neighbourhood Midlife Crisis Faith No More
Undisclosed Desires Muse For Whom the Bell Tolls Metallica
Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division I Love Rock ‘N Roll Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Tear You Apart She Wants Revenge Black Betty Ram Jam
I Kissed a Girl Katy Perry Welcome to Paradise Green Day
Homage Mild High Club Rock Me Amadeus Falco
I Want to Know What Love Is Foreigner Chicago Michael Jackson
Poker Face Lady Gaga Planet Claire The B-52’s
I Wanna Be Yours Arctic Monkeys Inner Mind (Deep Thought Edit) E.O.N
Do I Wanna Know? Arctic Monkeys Planet of the Shapes Orbital
Lady in the Wall Danny Knutelsky Shakedown Street Grateful Dead
Hungry Eyes Eric Carmen Love Shack The B-52’s
Fell In Love With a Girl The White Stripes Halcyon and On and On Orbital
505 Arctic Monkeys Cherry Bomb The Runaways
Killing Me Softly With His Song Fugees SHUM Go_A
Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (feat. Miley Cyrus) Mark Ronson
You Really Got Me The Kinks Тоска Molchat Doma
Don’t Dream It’s Over Crowded House Танцевать Molchat Doma
Andmoreagain (2015 Remastered Version) Love Tangerine Led Zeppelin
Today The Smashing Pumpkins The Red Telephone (2015 Remastered Version) Love
Just the Two of Us Grover Washington, Jr. & Bill Withers Kashmir Led Zeppelin
Old Man (2015 Remastered Version) Love Devil’s Advocate The Neighbourhood
No Surprises Radiohead Heaven Can Wait Michael Jackson
Gallowdance Lebanon Hanover Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God) Kate Bush
One For the Road Arctic Monkeys Babooshka Kate Bush
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) Michael Jackson Wuthering Heights Kate Bush
I Want It All Arctic Monkeys Little Dark Age MGMT
One for the Road Arctic Monkeys Adieu Rammstein
Snap Out of It Arctic Monkeys Landslide (Remastered) Fleetwood Mac
I Was Made for Lovin’ You Kiss The Chain Fleetwood Mac
R U Mine? Arctic Monkeys Dreams Fleetwood Mac
Me and Your Mama Childish Gambino Something In the Way Nirvana
Who Is She? I Monster Heart-Shaped Box Nirvana
I Ran (So Far Away) A Flock of Seagulls Lithium Nirvana
Main Title (from the Television Series “Knight Rider”) Stu Phillips About a Girl Nirvana
Don’t Stop Me Now Queen John the Fisherman Primus
Harder Better Faster Stronger Daft Punk Roam The B-52’s
Life In the Fast Lane Eagles Rock Lobster The B-52’s
Hotel California Eagles No Scrubs TLC
Tom Sawyer Rush Twisted Nerve Bernard Herrmann
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Eurythmics Dark Paradise Lana Del Rey
The Man Who Sold the World (Live Acoustic) Nirvana Fluorescent Adolescent Arctic Monkeys
All Apologies Nirvana I’m Not in Love 10cc
La Seine and I Vanessa Paradis & Sean Ono Lennon Happiness Is a Warm Gun (feat. Salma Hayek) Joe Anderson
Eventually Tame Impala Around the World Daft Punk
O-o-h Child (Remastered) The Five Stairsteps Apocalypse Cigarettes After Sex
Black Hole Sun Soundgarden After Hours The Weeknd
Break It Off PinkPantheress Superman (feat. Dina Rae) Eminem
San Andreas (Radio Edit) Groove Delight Friends Chase Atlantic
Telephone (feat. Beyoncé) Lady Gaga 505 Arctic Monkeys
Jealous Eyedress Americano Lady Gaga
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards Tame Impala Rhinestone Eyes Gorillaz
Dream On Aerosmith No Wind Resistance! Kinneret
Don’t You Want Me The Human League Bloody Mary Lady Gaga
Hotel Montell Fish Renegade Aaryan Shah
Is There Someone Else? The Weeknd Le Carnaval des Animaux: Aquarium Charles Dutoit, Pascal Rogé, London Sinfonietta & Cristina Ortiz
Du hast Rammstein No Idea Don Toliver
i’m yours Isabel LaRosa School Nirvana