Who is Alexander Frost?

Although it appears that Alexander Frost is just a normal teenage boy new to Orcas Island High School, there is a darker truth lurking in the shadows of his past. Frost (his original name unknown) claims he has come from Federal Way.

But is he really? No. “Alexander Frost” originates from Manhattan, living a life of crime working for Oscar the Grouch’s drug operation in the back alleys of Sesame Street, an unknown operation that has made its money hooking up Muppets. The Cookie Monster is the first documented victim of addiction to Oscar’s “Cookies”. Alexander Frost had been working with Oscar in the back alleys of Sesame Street, reaching out to other Muppets, playing on the stress of their life of fame.

Without this key testimony from “Alexander Frost,” Oscar’s shady alleyway side operation would never have come to light. “At first, he just offers you a cookie,” said Elmo, star of the show. “You think to yourself he lives in an alley, but he’s just trying to be friendly. So you take the cookie. Before you know it, you come back for another and another, starting to get desperate, and when you just get desperate enough, that’s when he starts to charge you. I mean look at the Cookie Monster, I don’t even recognize him anymore.”

? / Anonymous

Frost’s job was to get Muppets interested or offer them a cookie, but this information was enough to finally take down the operation. However this was a dangerous thing to do; the Grouch, as they call him on the streets, knows how to find someone. Slimey the worm, the Grouch’s so called “pet,” is rumored to be in pursuit of Frost.

Frost, who has been living quietly on Orcas, posing as a simple Orcas student, has been in living in WTISEC since the age of 14. After his faithful testimony, he moved from place to place, never staying somewhere too long in fear of being found by Slimey, the Grouch’s trusty worm and assassin. It is said that the Telly Monster is also on the run from retribution.

If Frost is in WITSEC, isn’t it dangerous to out him? Perhaps, but in many ways he has already outed himself with his fake name, Alexander Frost. What kind of name is that? A book character’s? What, is his uncle Robert? Alexander’s poor choice of a realistic name (as well as the fact that very little is known about him) wouldn’t tip off most people, but the Grouch has a far reach, and there’s rumor that Frost has already been located by him.

For now, Frost is laying low as a normal student, but how long will it take for his past of cookies, Muppets and betrayal to catch up to him?