Surprise Announcement From Freeman

Kyle Freeman sports his new K-pop style / Photograph from K-Pop American Weekly

All it took was the production of one viral music video for Kyle Freeman to resign from his job as principal at the Orcas Island Middle and High School. After posting a Korean-inspired music video called “Kyle B Kewl” to YouTube, Freeman received more than 2.3 million hits overnight, positive feedback worldwide, and special attention from a renowned Korean pop star producer, Mr. Chu.

Freeman recounts, “A couple of days after putting “Kyle B Kewl” on YouTube, Mr. Chu from Korea contacted me by phone and told me my talent was very promising. He expressed his desire to work with me and explained how easily he could guarantee my success. It was then that I realized I might never be asked to be a K-pop star again. I had to take this once-in-a-lifetime chance and finally make my dreams of becoming a K-pop star a living reality. After talking for many hours on the phone, we decided we should speak more in person.”

That night, Freeman booked a plane ticket to Korea, hoping to meet with Chu the following Saturday to determine his potential as a K-pop star. After several hours of discussion, tears, and paperwork, Freeman had signed a contract confirming his world tour dates and his new stage name: K-Prince. “I’ve never enjoyed Korean music more, and I can’t wait to share my tunes with the world. The first song I plan to record is called Woo Woo Baby. I’ll never forget my experiences on Orcas Island and hope to return very soon.”

Now Freeman is absorbed in creating complex choreography that matches the style of his music and selecting skilled back-up dancers and singers to enhance the overall performance of his world tour. Writing new music like crazy, Freeman is enthralled by the rush of adrenaline after finishing a new song. Although sad to be leaving the Orcas community, he is thrilled to be pursuing his passion and entering a new chapter in his life as K-Prince.