Souls of the San Juans

“When I’m not happy, or sad sometimes, I want to show people that I feel this way.”



“I was fourteen and in eighth grade, worrying about school, stupid teenager stuff. Then at 11:30 we heard something breaking, and lots of shouting. He was yelling to himself about death and the grim reaper, and about burning the house down. We had to call our mother, then she had us call the police. We barricaded the bedroom drawer with a dresser and the police had to break in through the window to get us out. Even the operator on the phone was crying — we thought we were going to die.”




Happiest moment?
“I don’t really have one. And if I did I don’t remember.”



“Surviving, making it from one thing to the next. Going from High
School to College and from College to getting a job. Getting a job
and paying all of the bills and taxes. That’s scary.”