Sailing finishes strong and looks to the future

The sailing team had a successful season, and while they did not qualify for the playoffs, the team won a number of regattas. They finished the season with a strong performance at Port Townsend where they took home the gold metal. At sailing regattas they unload, rig the boats, learn the course and set off for up to 13 to 14 races in a day. Placement in a race determines the number of points a team wins. If a team wins first place, one point is gained. At the end of all the races, points are totaled and the least number wins.

With younger sailors on the team, there’s nowhere to go but up. The majority of the sailors on the team are middle school students who will carry the team for years in the future. Seniors Taj Howe, Quinn Freedman and William Coe will graduate from the team this year. Captains this year were Howe and Freedman, in addition to junior Wylie Kau. Kau encourages anyone to try out sailing. “It’s a lot of fun and I urge everyone to come and try it out,” he says. Axel Greening, a sophomore on the team, stated “We generally didn’t achieve what I expected, but that’s okay. I know we definitely improved a lot. We have a lot of younger sailors and next year I know we’ll do better.” The team is hopeful for growth as the years go by.