The Boys Are Back in Mint

As the boys basketball team sweeps through their season, gaining first in their league and wowing audiences with their teamwork and skill, there are two things on everybody’s mind: “Will our boys make it to state?” and “Where did they get those stellar shoes?”

The magic of mint / Photographer: Devon Mann

Not blue, not white, not black: our boys are mint. In a shocking turn of events, the Orcas Island boys basketball team has defied all expectations and made history in the world of basketball fashion. Despite controversy that threatened to tear the team apart when the idea first came up, the mint shoes made it through the trauma of being argued about, being shipped from a warehouse and landing on the doorstep of Corey Wiscomb’s room. Despite the lasting shock from the risk taken, the boys have managed to push through.

“It was a risk,” said varsity senior member Grayson White. “But it paid off.”

As the boys basketball team pushes into their most successful season yet, some might say that they owe their success to their increased athletic prowess, coordination as a team due to years of practice or sheer dedication to the sport. However, the popular opinion of the community seems to favor the shoes. Team members agree: when asked whether or not they owe all their success to their shoe choice, Jordan Randolph said “one hundred percent, yes.”

Spectators describe the shoes as “awe inspiring, heartbreakingly beautiful, and way better than anyone else’s.”